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Radio has always fascinated me as long as I can remember, I would play my older sister’s 45’s as early as 6 years old. I couldn’t read the title of the song but I knew what it was from the label. I could identify the Sun Records logo or the RCA, Capitol and other company colors plastered on the round disc. (Which I used as frisbees, but that’s another story). It wasn’t until I saw a real DJ spinning records through the glass at a shopping mall where the radio station was located that the bug bit.

My first live open mic experience was at legendary KSDS 88.3 located at City College in downtown San Diego CA. Pure authentic Jazz with an eye opening inventory of some of the greatest jazz artists in the history of the musical genre. Halls of records to pick from for air play. I was off and running!

1986- 1989 Jazz 88 San Diego CA
1989 – 1998 KRTM The Valley’s Real Music Temecula CA

Real Mornings w/ Mark and Jeff –  We released a CD in 1996 for some reason.

Then I got the news bug!

1998 – 1999 WSOY 103.3 News/Talk Decater IL
1999 – 2009 KOGO 600 News/Talk San Diego CA
2009 – 2010 KFI 640 More Stimulating Talk Radio Los Angeles CA
2010 – 2012 WERC 105.5 Birmingham AL
2012 – 2014 WIKY 104.1 Evansville IN

Back to my roots!

2014 – NOW KBGE 94.9 Seaside OR

Father of 3 grown kids, Danielle, Andrew, Monica. Married to Mickie for 40+ years. A radio guy with no divorces and one life time mate, Amazing! 6 grandkids.

My first hand at real world broadcasting came with the purchase of KRTM Temecula back in the early 1990’s. A tiny non-comm class A radio station with a coverage area that you could do laps around and not get winded. A kind of learn as we went approach, we grew with the city and cemented our place in local history by creating a communal gathering place for listeners, sponsors and staff who relied on each other. It was a turning point in 1990 for Southwest Riverside County as the bedroom communities of Temecula and Murrieta began to stand on their own and the outside world began to take notice. Why we sold to Calvary Chapel radio Network in 1998 is still a question I haven’t fully answered. Chock it up to The Time was right or whatever reasoning at the time made sense. All I know is I’ve been looking for the same rush I got from owning KRTM probably from the moment the morning arrived after our huge 4th of July send-off that year. An engineer friend who I told about the sale mentioned something I still remember to this day. He said “Oh, what are you going to do now?” Still in my 40’s it didn’t occur to me that I still had plenty to do and was no where near retirement whether I had the money or not (I didn’t). So, I got a taste of the way radio is run in corporate America. Layers of bosses with the emphasis on the shareholder. Not on crafting the product or perfecting the format. It’s instead throw as much crap at the wall and see what sticks. Not that making money is evil, it’s just watching some of the choices and decisions made by my former employer over the last 16 years boggles the mind. Zero patience when it comes to building a brand or an audience. I have seen huge launches fizzle after MONTHS as the bean counters panic and pull the plug. Or, established proven products/formats get dumped because of fast talking snake oil salesmen who make promises that of course they can’t keep. And then the very same format re-emerges with a new programmer who thinks he’s the genius who made it happen. So the time came to leave the rat race behind and begin a new endeavor, older and wiser, and eager to carve out a new niche in a quiet seaside location. Welcome to 94.9FM The Bridge-Music First, Covering the Oregon North Coast and Long Beach Washington. Licensed to Cannon Beach with studios located in Seaside Oregon. A booster antenna fills in the gaps in Astoria which hugs the Columbia River along the top of Oregon. They are beach communities which swell during the summer months and the potential is enormous. So 17 years after I was first asked what I’m going to do now, I now have an answer.


Geno Romo – 2pm – 8pm

Geno,  A native Oregonian is an American actor, along with being on the radio since 1997 still strives for greatness in the entertainment industry, life experience as  a father , and work in the “real world jobs”  helps him as he continues to audition for major player roles as a union actor, but Geno admits, keeping a tight knit group of people or a team he trusts around him helps daily life even when all the gigs dry up. “Dream big”, so you can say that you did. Sometimes seen on re-runs, have you seen him?

Here’s some of his work: